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Amsterdam BBQ Boat

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69€ per person

Amsterdam BBQ Boat

Een privé boot huren met een BBQ in Amsterdam is een onvergetelijke ervaring. Met mooi weer kunt u de boot nemen voor een ontspannen dag op het water. U kunt genieten van het prachtige uitzicht vanuit de boot en de rust die het water biedt.

Features of the BBQ boat Amsterdam

10 to 100 people
From 2 hours
Luxury boat

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Included and optional


Standard package

Pepper steak, Shaslick, 2 sticks of chicken satay, sausage, hamburger, Green lettuce salad, Potato salad, Three sauces, Primeval bread, Herb butter

Extended package

Pepper steak, Shaslick, lamb chops, sausage, hamburger, chicken breast patty. Green lettuce salad, Potato salad, Three sauces, Primeval bread, Herb butter

Sate package

6 sticks of chicken satay, peanut sauce, French bread with herb butter.

Extra Snacks (add on)

Delicious BBQ while sailing
over the Amsterdam canals

For the perfect BBQ we will hire a private BBQ chef. The chef will prepare delicious meat for you from the best butcher in Amsterdam. With the right techniques and marinades he will make a tasty BBQ for you. If the weather is less than expected, there is an option to provide the boat with a roof. This way you can still enjoy your BBQ. To make the cruise complete, there are refrigerators with chilled drinks on board. You can enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine while overlooking the water. This way you can fully enjoy your day on the water.

Ingredients for the
nicest BBQ in Amsterdam

A day on a private boat with BBQ in Amsterdam is a unique experience. You can enjoy the beautiful view, the tasty BBQ and the chilled drinks. With a private chef and the option of a roof in bad weather, you will experience the ultimate relaxation.

What's in the BBQ package?

The package proposed here is a luxury barbecue on a private boat in Amsterdam. First, an extensive selection of meat is served. This will consist of a pepper steak, shaslick, two skewers of chicken satay, a sausage, a hamburger and a selection of sauces. In short, the package proposed here is a luxurious barbecue on a private boat in Amsterdam, where an extensive selection of meat is served, accompanied by a salad.


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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

You can rent a boat from Boat Amsterdam by contacting our company through our website. On the website, there is a request form that you can use to let them know which boat you would like to rent and on which date. You can also contact us via WhatsApp or email to ask about boat availability and prices. Be sure to provide all relevant information, such as the number of people who will be on the boat and the date you want to rent the boat, so that the team at Boot Amsterdam can help you in the best way possible.
It is always wise to book as early as possible if you want to rent a boat from Boat Amsterdam. We have a busy schedule and it is possible that we are already fully booked, especially during the popular summer months. By booking as early as possible, you can be sure that you can rent the boat on the date you want. Any changes in group size can be made at no charge up to 7 days prior to sailing.
We use the Sea Palace boarding dock in Amsterdam, which is near Central Station and easy to reach by public transportation. There is also a parking garage nearby, so if you come by car, you can park your car there. Make sure you are on time at the agreed location, so you can board the boat on time and enjoy your cruise. Other boarding locations are possible by arrangement.
In most boats, there will be a small toilet on board.
In all cases, a skipper will be present when you rent a boat from Boat Amsterdam. This means that you are not allowed to sail the boat yourself. The skipper is responsible for sailing the boat and will make sure you arrive at your destination safely and comfortably. This is for your safety and it is also required by law to have a skipper on board when you rent a boat. If you have specific questions about the skipper or the sailing routes, you can contact Boat Amsterdam to get more information.

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